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Pride in Belper 2021

There's lots going on for Pride in Belper this year

Please note there is NO MARCH/PARADE THIS YEAR!
But there are lots of other things going on around Belper.

LGBTQ+ Film Festival at The Ritz Cinema
The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Saturday 21st August at 18.00
The World to Come on Sunday 22nd August at 19.30

Online Events
Live music, information, What Pride means to you and lots of Children's entertainment on our Facebook page.

Pride party at The Greenhouse
Party throughout the day. Children welcome until 7pm
ABBA Tribute act 8.30pm

Rainbow Postcards
On sale from:
Bearded Badger Books
Beaurepaire Patisserie
Belle la Vie
Cocoa Cafe
Nourish at No44

Pride Flags
Look out for the Pride flags around the town. Do you know what they all mean?

Sexual Health Bus
On the Market Place Saturday 21st August

Pride Service
At the Unitarian Chapel in Belper

Children's Artwork
Displays at the Co-op on Strutt Street and Morrisons

Shop Window Displays
Look out for some great window displays by our local shops

Belper Rocks

There's plenty of fabulous painted rocks hidden around the town

Pride in Belper 2021
Flying the Pride flag
Check out our informative guide to all those beautiful Pride flags.
Mini Film Fest
Enjoy a selection of short LGBT+ independent films.
Pride Parade
Many of you organised your own Pride party at home last year.
Mini Film Fest
A huge thank you to everybody who helped us create our community rainbow.

2020 Pride in Belper Shop Windows

The Pride in Belper team invited Love Belper Independent shops to decorate their shop windows or a small part of their shop for Pride in Belper Online.
Together we celebrate inclusivity as well as the reopening of the high street businesses safely throughout the town.

The rainbow has been a symbol of hope throughout the lockdown. Let it continue to be a symbol of hope as well as a symbol of the hard won freedoms of the LGBT+ community.

Pride in Belper is developed under four pillars; inclusivity, sustainability, accessibility and diversity.

We as a planning team value and celebrate the intersections of every single person who engages meaningfully in the community of Belper.

We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to challenge discrimination within our community and society, and it is not okay to be a bystander. We do not accept any form of behaviour or language which seeks to harm minority groups and activate hate.

At the Love Wins concert in February we raised the visibility particularly of Belper's Trans community, who we know have experienced forms of abuse and hate in Belper.

We say fairly but fiercely, that this is not okay and we will always do all that we can to stop this.

We can all make a difference in this community and we can all role model change. We ask that each and every one of us actively stands by every single person who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, because sexuality and gender identity are part of everyone's life and it takes courage to be the person you know you really are.

Faith and sexuality is still a taboo subject, the “elephant in the room”.

In this religion and belief panel, the first of its kind, meet lesbians from various faith groups, sharing their experiences about living at this intersection.

Chaired by Jayne Ozanne, who recently resigned from the government’s LGBT Panel, learn about how our panellists have been able to be their fully authentic selves in their faith communities and what this has meant to them and those around them.

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